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ObamaCare thoughts

When I think of or hear Obama care mentioned, a lot goes through my mind and my opinion on it varies. I believe that certain parts are helpful and other parts of the law are not. I believe that making everyone get insurance is very wrong and is not something that this country was founded on. This part of the law is going to make having insurance very expensive to people who may not need coverage at all. I also believe that the marketplace is not a very smart idea and part of my theory was proven on October 1st when the website crashed. What would happen to someone who is trying to get health insurance on the last day of the grace period and the website crashes? It is a ticking time bomb in that sense. I also believe that it isn’t regulated enough and still gives insurance companies too much freedom. An example of this is the rates they can charge are still quite high, especially in some states like Wyoming where these companies can charge $400 a month. I also believe that taxes should not have been increased on the middle class and low class and they should have just increased it for the wealthy class and also made the insurance companies pay even more money, even if they weren’t on the marketplace. The good thing about the market place though, is the completion between the Health insurance companies. I also like that insurance companies will be taxed more and the wealthiest of Americans will also have taxes increased.